California Fire Detection provides top quality certified service to
professionally design, install and maintain commercial fire alarm systems

Custom Design Fire Alarm Systems
Code-Compliant System Design, Plan Submittals, Expedited Services, Turn-key System Installation

Schedules change. Delays happen. Sometimes even the best plans have some bumps along the way. A building contractor or property manager can get overwhelmed, often involved in setting up a multitude of different essentials such as structural elements or utilities. This is where California Fire Detection is your source for design, plans, services and more. Also, we’re experts on your side for when it comes to code compliance and data installations.

Code-Compliant System Design and Plan Submittals

Code compliance differs from municipality to municipality and system to system. We recommend talking with an expert system installation company, such as California Fire Detection, when your architecture plans are first created for new construction or renovation. Your architect will most likely know the systems that will need to be installed so we can work together as a team to get the plans completed and you can move swiftly to the next step. If you are working on a renovation, even a small one, we can help you determine what needs to be included and what will help the functionality of your building, as well as make accommodations for future growth.

Since we will have been involved since the beginning of the project, we can handle all plan submittals on your behalf. And if we’ve just come into the project after it’s been started? We’ll make sure it meets compliance and finish all the proper closeout documentation.


Fire Alarm Systems Servicing & Maintenance
Fire Alarm Monitoring/Central Station and Testing services

Once a fire alarm is installed, you’ll need to have 24-hour monitoring services as well as annual testing. Whether or not California Fire Detection installed your system, we provide full fire alarm monitoring and fire alarm testing services

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Your fire alarm is only as good as the monitoring and signal communicating you receive. Having a secure and dependable fire alarm monitoring location and system is part of your overall plan. California Fire Detection will create the monitoring system that will notify the correct fire and emergency services once your system is triggered.

The level of which your fire alarm system is triggered will depend on several things and is different from building to building. Some building may produce smoke, dust or steam that could alter the performance of fire detectors. For these situations we would like to include special equipment such as video or heat detection. You don’t want false alarms, but at the same time you want a true emergency to be recognized.

You’ll also need different monitoring in different areas. Usually this is related to special equipment or inventory. Some items might start a trigger reaction and need to have closer monitoring. This is another great example of when video monitoring could be part of the overall fire alarm monitoring plan.

Fire Alarm Systems Testing

Every municipality is different in their codes and certifications. Some municipalities go off the recommendations of industry safety organizations while others may make their own. This is why a local and established company such as California Fire Detection is your source for fire alarm systems.

You might need annual testing, third party testing or installing. We have done all of these and can also do them for your company. Annual testing might come into the planning of the initial architecture. We might talk about where some of the detection equipment is located (say, on a ceiling for an industrial or factory facility) and how this will play a role in future testing. Of course, we don’t want anything to be compromised, but we want to keep future testing in mind to ensure it can be completed accurately.

Testing can also be required by insurance companies for annual coverage renewal. We are more than happy to work with your insurance company to complete their required testing and certification as needed.

California Fire Detection provides many detailed testing services including:

  • Testing & Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Smoke Detector Cleaning
  • Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing
  • Equipment Replacement/Repair
  • Emergency Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Sprinkler System Testing
Fire Alarm Systems Installation
Fire Alarm Sales and Installation Service

Fire alarm systems are an essential part of your building’s security and safety. You have many different assets in your building – equipment, inventory, finished goods, raw materials and more. And most of all, you have the safety of your employees. The fire alarm system for your building and company needs to be effective and dependable.

Knowing where to place to fire alarm systems and proper fire alarm installation service is a something we take very seriously. We know you are trusting us with your assets and the safety of your employees, visitors and vendors. That is why we put the same about of care and attention into every fire alarm system we install.

Installing a fire alarm system includes part careful planning and part careful installation. We know you want to be code compliant, but we want you also to be completely protected. Engineering each building’s system requires entirely different engineering in terms of location, type of fire alarm system, powering and more. For example, your sensors, back-up power, monitoring systems and codes will be completely different from another building due to contents, layout, requirements and more.

  • Code Compliant System Design
  • Plan Submittals
  • Expedited Services
  • Turn-Key System Installation
  • Wired and Wireless Fire Alarm System Installation
  • System Integration with Existing Fire Alarm Panels
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Telguard Cellular Dialer Installation and Service
  • AES Radio Installation and Service
  • Fire Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • Network Cabling Services Including Adding/Moving/Changing Existing Networks
  • Fully Operational CCTV For Security/Surveillance Systems
  • Emergency Network Services
  • Server Rack and IT Room Setup and Installation
  • TV mounting and setup.
  • Audio speaker system setup and maintenance

Expedited Services and Turn-key System Installation

Regardless of your need for expedited services, we are here to help. You’re not the first company to need changes quickly. We’ve worked with many companies that have had emergencies or needs suddenly come up and we’re happy to get you back to your business as soon as possible.

There can be several reasons why you suddenly need to make changes immediately.

  • Your company has been awarded a new contract or experience a sudden infusion of growth.
  • You have been cited for compliance issues
  • The current system is experiencing significant functionality issues leading to business interruption.
  • New code compliance has been passed
  • Your insurance has new coverage stipulations

As a turn-key system installation company, we are excited for you to be able to come in and get straight to work in your new or renovated location. There are a number of things we can do before, during and after your business starts. For example, your facility may need two fire alarm system testing per year but the BDA system needs one per year. We’ll help you not only design the system to meet code compliance, but also set you up on a testing schedule.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) are required in every new and renovated building that experiences “dead spots” where first responders do not receive adequate radio coverage. This radio coverage can be determined by a site survey and your local code. Dead spots are found in almost every building of every size. Concrete, thick building materials and dense structures block radio signals. Think of underground pump rooms, stairwells, elevator shafts and tunnels and you’ll understand how hard it can be for clear communication.

Believe us when we tell you this is a complicated process. California Fire Detection has the experience and knowledge to engineer and create the plans that will work for your building, pass the codes and ensure the safety and security of your building.

We are honored to be your partner and work with your company while continuing California Fire Detection’s promise of excellency.

Fire Alarm System Communications
Telguard and Cellular Dialer Installation and Service. AES Radio installation and Service.

Telguard and Cellular Dialer Installation and Service

Telguard is an ultra-new and advanced commercial fire alarm communicator. Telguard provides a great way to be sure your building and company are well protected even when landlines and other communication lines are disrupted. Telguard can work as either your primary or secondary alarm communicator with direct links to the monitoring location. Feel confident knowing that Telguard fire alarm communicators have been designed to meet National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) certification standards.

Telguard fire alarm communicators can also save you money compared to maintaining landlines. Contact California Fire Detection to learn more about advancements in cellular dialer installation and service of Telguard communicators.

AES Radio Installation and Service

California Fire Detection is a specially trained installer and service provider of AES alarm communication products. AES uses radio communication signals to communicate with monitoring support locations. UL 864 Approved & NFPA Code Compliant, AES products are an excellent addition to any fire alarm system by upgrading to one of the newest technologies in alarm communication.

AES products provide unique options in functionality:

  • Dual application to communicate via IP or radio communication signals
  • Adaptive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for programming via smartphones, tablet, or PCs
  • Cutting-edge advanced security protection
  • Engineered for backward compatibility with legacy systems
  • Rugged metal housing ideal for any commercial fire alarm application
Low Voltage - Network Cabling
Network Cabling, Data Low Voltage including Adding, Moving and Changing Existing Networks

Business is different these days in the ways you and your employees communicate, conduct transactions and monitor systems. If one system is not properly installed or has loose connections, all business could grind to a halt.
We work with your company to create a plan. Where you have systems now may change as your needs and business grows. You may need more cables and low voltage wiring architecture in the future as your business develops.

Network Cabling

We have seen many companies try to do their own network cabling and either experience difficulties or fail. We have also seen network cabling companies that subcontract their work out resulting in subpar installation. Always go with a dedicated systems company, such as California Fire Detection, with the experience of both network cabling and the data low voltage installation. An organized network cabling system will pay for itself in efficiency and accident avoidance from trips/falls, fires and electrical shock.
Your network cabling installation will depend on your business needs, infrastructure and functions.

  • Fiber optic cable – high bandwidth use for banks, hospitals and other high-capacity installations. Growing preference for all applications for high data transfer ability.
  • Twisted pair cable – ethernet networks, designed to resist interference
  • Coaxial cable – television and broadband signals

Data Low Voltage Wiring

The wiring your building and location requires for technology and communication equipment is different from your standard electrical wiring. Low voltage wiring is required for networks, telephones, wi-fi, video and audio systems and more. The certified technicians that set up the low voltage wiring have special knowledge of loads, accommodations and configuration. This is a different kind of electrical wiring and a different kind of training the technicians at California Fire Detection have.

  • Telephones – special wiring for links to central systems and networks includes ethernet, wi-fi or fiber optic connections
  • Wi-fi – low voltage is essential for proper functionality and signal strength
  • Audio/visual systems – for receiving both internal and external video and placed through multiple areas in a building
  • Security systems – access control, video, motion sensors

Moving and Changing Existing Networks

As technology and your business changes, your network cabling and low voltage systems are going to change too. Don’t wait too long putting off a network switchover. We know you’re worried about timing, business interruption and more. But trust us, the increased efficiency and productivity are going to be worth it. We’ve never had a client tell us otherwise, though we have had some tell us they wish they would have done it earlier.

At California Fire Detection, we’ll work with your team to create the perfect switchover plan that minimizes business interruption and creates the data architecture for present and future needs.

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